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Compass Tattoo Arm
Small Compass Tattoo

Small Compass Tattoo

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This Small Compass Tattoo is a temporary tattoo.The major meanings of compass tattoo are Guidance, Protection, Pursuing a dream, Hope, Loyalty, Luck, Harmony.


Item details
Professional Temporary Tattoo
Size: 10.5X6cm - 1 sheet 
For: on the wrist, ankle, foot, neck, leg, back, chest, side, body, ribs, hip

These temporary tattoos are:
Safe & non-toxic
FDA-compliant and fun for all ages
Easy to apply, just add water
Lasts average 4- 7 days

The major meani ...
  指南针纹身的主要含义是指导,保护,追求一个梦想,希望,忠诚、运气、和谐。      项目详细信息
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